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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Olympic Family Tree 2012

Do you have an Olympic or Paralympic family tree? Have you ever traced your family tree? If so did you find out that you are related to a famous sports person who is competing for this years London Olympics (Paralympics) or competed in the past? It is amazing who and what you can find just by searching Google on the Internet. I left a message on You Tube in the search of old photographs of my Nan's Mother and Father etc and my Mum's cousin found my video and contacted me. She kindly copied old photographs and now our family have the missing photographs from our Nan's past. Poor Nan was jinxed, her story was similar to the Little Princess but far worse as they lost both their parents and suffered from racism because of the colour of their skin. French Grandmother blamed their dead Burmese Mother for not having white skin like her other grandchildren and they were put in care. And it is as if the powers that be want to keep their misfortune hidden as I am unable to trace my Great Grandfathers birth certificate. Well at least I have Google and thanks to them I have found a Paralympic Star who is related to our Great Grandfather. We are so proud and my little girl and I so wish we could see her race live. If we can get hold of a signed autograph that would be something!

Lets go back to our Burmese History and ask the question what happened to my Great Nan and why is their no record of her birth or death? Because she suffered from racial discrimination I cannot help but think there is more to this story that meets the eye!

Nan always thought she was related to the LeFevres that owned the Drapers in Canterbury, Kent. Her Nan's maiden name was LeFevre. I wonder what sort of pressures they had back then to fit in and how having family with different coloured skin effected them. Maybe that is why they put them in a home? I would love to find out as it is one of those heartbreaking true stories that you just need to solve.

I remember watching the Little Princess with my Nan, back then I had no idea what an awful childhood she had until Mrs Richardson came along and saved them. Imagine watching this sad little film and knowing that your Nan cried for her mother at four years old and was made to eat and sleep in a shed with her brothers because of the colour of her skin by the Orphanage. Treated like slaves! No father or mother to rescue them. So if anyone has any information relating to my Olympic Family Tree please do get in contact so I can put this little baby to rest.

Tell me what you think of my Family Tree Postcards. You stick the photo to them and add the information about each family member on the back of the postcard then put it in your photo album.


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