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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Olympic t-shirt printing


Have you designed your own Olympic T-shirt image and wondered which is the cheapest and best quality?

When I tried Asda and Tesco I was not impressed with the T-shirt printing because they used some sort of transfer which makes the t-shirt look a little tacky and all you see is this A4 sheet of transfer. It is fine for just a laugh t-shirts. But if you have spent ages creating a beautiful image you will want the best quality you can get at an affordable price and I think £12.35 is good price for an adults t-shirt which has been personalised with your very own photo design. Children's t-shirt printing is only £8.25. I think I will have to get a T-shirt for me saying "English Alien Mother has no rights, that is why she walks left." No doubt you have seen the Facebook group laughing about how women in the UK have no rights. Well I am not laughing! I am fighting back verbally as I want my little girl to have a better life than I have had so far!


I used Photobox for the t-shirt below. For me personally I prefer to have a t-shirt without transfers that are printed directly on the t-shirt by a good quality printing firm like Photobox. My little girls teacher was very impressed. £12.35 for the man's sized t-shirt, which I think is a good price for something unique. And postage would have been less than £3.00 if I had have ordered it sooner.



You can print T-shirts from home by using A4 transfer but they do not wash well. I have used a special sealant which does help, but for it to last you need to wash by hand. All in all I think it is better to pay a little extra for something that will last.

Here are some t-shirt designs we have made from home:

My little girl sketched her teacher in class and I tried to create a t-shirt using transfer which I printed off and ironed on. Complete disaster as of course the colours do not show through if you are using a black t-shirt. That is why you have to pay to get the t-shirts printed by a proper printing firm. I ended up using a silver fabric pen to outline the t-shirt transfer on the t-shirt. I wonder if you can get these sort of t-shirts printed?

This t-shirt design was for my little girls headmaster who is the head of the choir. She drew the most amazing musical alien, which sadly you cannot see properly because I ran out of time and had to use t-shirt transfer instead of getting it printed by Photobox.

I adore this t-shirt "I love Mummy" with my little girls hand drawn Moshi Monster Characters.

Well guys I think it is time to design some t-shirts for me now. Mummy is an English Alien and always walks left because she has no rights. After all when it comes to Aliens my little girl sure is good at creating them. So I think I will add Little Snowflakes very own Flower Alien design to the t-shirt with the above saying.

Here is Little Snowflakes art and her singing voice when she sang for the first time at school Heal the World. I hope she gets to sing this song with her school choir in the hope to put a stop to racism at the next English football match in Wales. Our children deserve more from us as adults!

Here is my little girls voice singing Save me at the Grand Theatre. I really hope that one day we have a CRB check website for children like Little Snowflake to shine. Because it is so sad for her not to be able to have video footage of her performing for the first time ever at the Grand Theatre in front of 700 people and to be told NO you are not allowed any video of your performance because there is nothing set up for you to shine safely on the Internet! And also to be booed by the Welsh speaking School because they said we are the Queen must have made it even more sad. I feel sorry for our children Welsh and English as adults are meant to know better and give all our children equal opportunities and make sure they can shine safely by putting them first!

I have tried to learn the Welsh language and even came up with a brilliant school competition translating English to Welsh with pictures and postcards. Would have raised lots of money for all the Welsh and English speaking schools. Sadly I am expected to do this sort of thing for free because I am a mere English Alien Mother. Well as you can see from the state of our house in the video above, we are far from well off as otherwise my little girl would not be crying because the house makes her ill with asthma. This is the problem with adults in power their hearts are not in it!

If you are suffering from being any sort of an alien get in contact. We are friendly aliens that mean no harm and just hope that one day Great Britain is a real team that puts all our children and mothers first.

Contact English alien Sharon J. Bainbridge who believes children have rights and deserve to shine.

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-J-Bainbridge www.butterflylullaby.co.uk, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

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