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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Painting of Mandeville

Well my little girl was off school again. Usual problems with her asthma so I have been doing some drawing with her today. I have just drawn Mandeville on a Canvas holding the Olympic Torch. This is more for the Paralympics than the Olympics, but it is all the same thing really. I sketched the drawing first and made it my own with my loud colours and style. I was going to have a go at selling this Mandeville painting on Ebay but Little Snowflake has grabbed it for her art gallery in her room.  We used watercolours and to add a bit of sparkle I used gold and silver paints. 

Now for Little Snowflake my wonderful child artist. She has drawn Wenlock and Mandiville swimming with fishes in the sea and a big old bad shark, totally brilliant. She copied the fish from the Sand sculpture we saw in Weymouth. I just adore her style and imagination. "Mummy" she said "I want to spend more time with you because I love you and have fun doing arts and crafts with my Mummy." Hopefully one day when we can get this house sorted out we will have a special art room for us to escape to.

My little girl, Little Snowflake has made her bedroom into an art gallery. She has a lot of her drawings and paintings and some of my work too. She insists on showing her friends all my paintings. How lovely to have such a talented fan.

How many people do you know that fight verbally for change? Not many around ah, well that explains why the world is in such a huge mess. Well if you are fed up with being a struggling Mother don't fight it alone. Join me Team Sharon and lets fight back for our children to have a better and safer future. Our team is growing outside the internet, Mummy's have had enough and want our children to have the life they deserve! 

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