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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pork crackling recipe

How do you make your pork crispy so it has crackling? Best thing to use is Goose fat as the fat is so hot it makes your Pork Crackling crackle. Of course you need to put the fat in the oven to heat up so it is nice and hot first then coat your pork with the fat.

Just listen to my partner saying wow best gravy in the world and hmmmmm pork crackling! It is such a nice feeling when you get it right as I hate cooking and have found getting the pork crackling to crackle very hard.

I don't like Pork as Mum used to cook it all the time. But my partner loves Pork crackling with a Sunday roast.

Now here is the recipe for Mummy's special British Gravy:

See blog for Gravy details:

My Nan taught me how to make gravy. She did make it totally from scratch with the juice from the meat but I prefer to use Bisto as it is quicker and tastes just as good. Should have hid the fact that I used this gravy powder as all companies as far as I can see don't deserve free publicity!

Well that's all folk's just got a letter from one of the Greedy banks, if only I could poor gravy over their evil little greedy heads! Cold gravy of course! The satisfaction of making them suffer in shame!

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