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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sweetie cartoon song

My little girl has come up with another original idea. The Sweeties. Although the characters are based on a popular girls cartoon bag she has come up with another genius idea for kids. Her characters are balloon based. But for now here is the sweetie song. Original lyrics by Little Snowflake and of course she is singing the song too.

(P.S. I have no control over the adverts. I would hope that they were all children friendly, but sadly the Internet is sick in the head.)

Little Snowflake is currently writing two children's magazines. And has a Sweetie news page. How cute ah. And she already has interest at school for the balloon sweetie characters and magazine. Imagine what she could do if she had sponsorship.

Have fun playing the Toy Olympic games with the Trash Pack idea my little girl and I came up with!

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