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Friday, 13 July 2012

Teachers T-shirt present

I asked my little girl, Little Snowflake, what do you want to buy your teacher for his present before you break up from school. She replied I want to buy him a T-shirt and I want to design it myself. Well I think it will be quite something going on the one she made for Mummy a while ago. With the above T-Shirt I just used T-shirt transfer and a special sealant so it does not come off so easily in the wash. My own idea re sealant. You still need to hand wash the T-shirt to make the transfer last longer. I wonder if she will use her own characters like the Fresh Packs below? I made these out of plastic based on her very sweet designs:

Here is Little Snowflakes Maths Rap about how much she hates Maths. She adores her teacher and loves her school, but hates Maths. Who can blame her, I hated Maths too! Boring!!!

Well hopefully I will be back to show you the finished T-Shirt design for her special and kind teacher, who she is so going to miss because he makes her laugh. Now a teacher that can make kids laugh is very special indeed because if they like their teacher they are more likely to want to go to school.

If you search the net you can find some bargain printing on T-shirts. I think I will get Little Snowflakes Teachers T-Shirt printed professionally.


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