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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wenlock and Mandeville Painting child artist

I feel like I am blogging for England, Wales and Scotland. Team Britain. I hope that one day it really pays off and I can sit back and relax. Here is a painting my little girl, Little Snowflake, created of Wenlock and Mandeville swimming in the water with big fish. One fish is holding an Olympic Torch. I adore the above watercolour painting she created of Wenlock, she is Olympic mad. And it is costing Mummy and Daddy a fortune with all the Olympic characters and flags etc, but this is a one off and something everyone in Great Britain is very proud of. Below she talks about her Olympic painting of Mandeville and Wenlock.

Non Evans (Welsh sports lady) went into my little girls school the other day and she got two autographs and the kids had photos taken with this amazing lady. Little Snowflake could not stop writing about sports lady Non Evans and created a hand written magazine all about her with one of her signatures. She took this hand written magazine down to Weymouth to show Grandma last weekend and we visited Sand World. If you are going down for the Sailing Olympics in Weymouth, Dorset, UK - you must visit Sand World and see some of Mark Anderson's sand sculptures. There will no doubt be an Olympic Theme going on which will be amazing to see and photograph. My partner comes from Weymouth and when I lived down their we often saw his work along the seafront and people used to throw pennies in. Now he has his very own Sand Sculpture Museum which is just fab for little and big kids like us. And what great timing for the Olympics.

If anyone sees Madison from OZ race in the Paralympics please send her our love and ask for a signed photograph for Little Snowflake who is related to her through her Great Great Grandad. She is so upset that we cannot afford to see her race live in London. But that is life for most British people living on low salaries, but you can never give up and have to keep positive for your children so one day we just might have our own Butterfly Lullaby museum which would be out of this world! All you need is a little imagination! I feel like I am in my own Olympic race blogging with Google for a better future for my little girl. Will I win? Watch this space!

Have you done any Olympic or Paralympic paintings or drawings?

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