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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Wenlock colouring in page

Today my little girl, Little Snowflake took an art class and taught her fellow class students how to draw Wenlock holding the Olympic Torch. Feel free to click on the above image and print it off if your child wants to colour it in.

I adore Little Snowflakes watercolour painting of Wenlock running with the Olympic torch at night with the stars shinning and balloons racing through the sky.

In the video below, Little Snowflake shows you how to draw Wenlock. Sorry the lighting is not brilliant. She is holding a Mandeville pen.

Here is Little Snowflakes Art Gallery in her room. Look out for pictures she has drawn of Wenlock and Mandeville as well as her original Paralympic Flag design:

I adore her sketch of Mandeville and Wenlock swimming with the fishes:

Here is my attempt of Mandeville running with the Olympic Torch through the street with the sun shinning and red, white and blue balloons racing through the sky:

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