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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Wenlock ACEO Postcard

I sketched and painted Wenlock doing his Olympic Swim on a ACEO small art card. Are ACEO's going out of fashion and being replaced by Postcards? Or are people still collecting ACEO's? These art cards are made specifically for watercolour paints. I have created a few ACEO's using Oil Paints but it is hard work waiting for the paints to dry in between. My little girl, Little Snowflake, is my biggest fan so as soon as I showed her the Wenlock ACEO swimming she held it tight and said mine, can I please have this Wenlock painting Mummy? Of course Mummy said "YES." Even though I wanted to have a go at selling it on Ebay or another ACEO site.

Here are some of my other ACEO's and art:

My little ACEO sketches of my story Sunset Bunny the Easter fairy:

Poor wee Little Snowflake has been suffering from Sunstroke since Monday night. We do not get a lot of sun here in Wales so when the sun shows it's hat we are out their in the paddling pool. Both Little Snowflake and I love the water just like Wenlock. Here is Little Snowflakes Wenlock painting:

When I was sketching and painting the Wenlock Olympic ACEO little Cindy Woo our pet Bunny Rabbit was there watching. I have to keep an eye on her as she is an Olympic escape artist and loves to disappear into next doors garden. Hmm maybe I should have a go at sketching little Cindy Woo on an ACEO.

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