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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Weymouth Olympic Singer

Weymouth singer and talented songwriter Jakson Lee. I can just imagine him singing Nessun Dorma at the Olympics in Weymouth. He sings this song so beautifully and gave everyone chills at the Enchanted Manor when he sang in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall. The USA Kirks Folly were there too who are on QVC TV. Really this event should have been on TV as they planned, but luck was not on our side. In England he gigged all the time and was never out of work so living in Wales is a real eye opener. So many people complement him on his voice and some just do not believe he is singing live because he has perfect tone. But in Wales you have to be proud to be Welsh as you can see in Football and Ruby.

Jakson Lee stated his singing and acting career with WOW a musical theatre group. Which is free for all young people, finding something like this is like winning the Olympics. He sadly ended up leaving WOW after winning a singing competition with his own original songs. Now that is something for a 15 year old boy. Do you remember the old 60's star Twinkle? Well he got to work with her and she wrote a song for him to sing with another Weymouth artist. Sadly his manager took him to the cleaners and he had to venture out alone getting his own musical gigs.

Jakson Lee is my partner and I am so glad I nagged him to create all the songs with me for my Butterfly Lullaby story book. Because even though it has been a rough and stormy road, I have achieved so much with so little help. Google I know you do believe in us as that is why we manage to make it to the top of the search engines for being unique and my book is OOAK (One of a kind.)

Dance like a Butterfly song - Weymouth singer Jakson Lee

Here is our one and only original Butterfly Lullaby song. Jakson Lee was meant to sing two songs live at the Book launch, but sadly it was not possible. Maybe one day Weymouth singer Jakson Lee will perform this song live with the help of a Theatre Company as it would make a beautiful production which I am sure would sell out! Weymouth you should invest in Jakson Lee as he is just pure talent!

The Upwey Wishing Well in Weymouth is in my story book Butterfly Lullaby. It has the most magical wishing well in the world, so well worth a visit. Jakson Lee sings our haunting Wishing Well song:

When Jakson Lee lived in Weymouth he often sang Jingles for a studio in Weymouth run by David Heart. He sold these jingles to Radio stations.

Here is Weymouth's Jakson Lee singing Butterfly Kisses, which is the best Wedding song ever! You can see Josephine Walls paintings in the background.

Jakson Lee singing Gotta get through this with Danny on the guitar.

Jakson Lee singing Bring him home

Jakson Lee singing this Women's work:

What you see is what you get, ha ha. He does not need any gimmicks. Here is Jakson Lee singing First time I ever saw your face

When it comes to creating amazing music Jakson Lee is outstanding. The song below is sung by an unknown artist. But she is amazing! He wrote and created the music and his friend Bruce wrote the song. I cannot believe this was never a hit. Because it is hit material!

I believe it is time for the UK to put a stop to all racism and show compassion for those that have suffered because of old Government and Monarch history. People need to understand that no matter which Country you come from, individual people have nothing to do with old history and it is time to forgive for our children's sake. They expect more from adults than to be taught how to bully the innocent!

Our little girl had the English speaking school teachers, the headmaster and parents in tears when she sang Heal the World. Racism has affected us as a family. We have talent and should not be made to feel worthless! My Nan died feeling ugly because of the Colour of her skin and here we are white English Aliens living in Wales. Don't get me wrong their are plenty of lovely Welsh people (Welsh and English speaking) but when it comes to English speaking people Welsh or English we have many problems to overcome. Just look at the racism in Welsh football and rugby against the English.


Little Snowflake said to me Mummy I have had enough I want us to move to Weymouth, England where we will be loved. Then I can see Grandma all the time and we can have fun on the beach and feel we belong. She will be sad to leave all her wonderful English speaking Welsh friends behind. But maybe it is time for us to head back home to a place that I hope will open it's heart to us and let us shine as a family! So we can put a stop to racism and give other families hope!

Before I go I will be adding Jakson Lee's original songs to a blog because he deserves to shine as he has felt worthless and useless for far too long!

It is time for people to open their hearts and to stop our children crying!

Please support us and forward the below blog to everyone you know in the hope that people will write to Aaron and request our Welsh speaking and English speaking children to sing Heal the World in Welsh and English at the next Football/Rugby game and put a stop to this bullying so our children have a brighter and happier future!


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