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Friday, 24 August 2012

Daddy lost his glasses in Weymouth again!

Little Snowflakes Daddy lost his glasses in Weymouth yet again. Can you believe it? So far in the 11 years of knowing him he must have lost and broken well over 8 pairs of glasses, if not more. He is one high maintenance Daddy! Thought I would have a look through our videos to see what sort of glasses he has on to the ones he has lost. Damn I should have created more videos of him so I would have an exact count. Maybe I should contact his Opticians and ask them. When they called up to say his new glasses are ready for collection I asked "can you buy a device with a phone number option so if anyone finds them they can call you?" Then I said please make sure he gets a string to go round his neck like older people have so he does not lose this pair!

Lost glasses again in Weymouth so could not wear them to Paddy's house for the BBQ. He still managed to sing though!

Does your partner lose everything. Leave us a funny comment below.

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