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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How to earn money for kids children

How can your child earn money to buy their own toys through the year? If you are a parent on a low salary struggling with high living costs you are going to want to find a way for your child to earn there own money to take the pressure off your bank balance. With so much advertising for toys all year round it really does make life difficult for parents who are not financially well off! So it is time for our children to start to earn their own money and learn how to save up for the special things in life. Every single child has a gift, what is your child's talent? My little girls talent is drawing, singing and making people laugh. I used to spend all my pocket money on sweets when I was little, but when I got older I used to save up for records. Yes ho hum I am showing my age now. This will make you laugh! I used to wash up for my Mum for 50p a week, my sister used to get a £1 for watching! Lets just say that my poor Mum has been ill all my life so even though I moaned about how unfair it was I still helped my Mum because I love her! And as for my sister well life has not been kind to her so I am the lucky one!


As you can see above my little girl has created a very cute art card which is called an ACEO. Artists sell these on Ebay and other websites. The drawing is of Binky the Panda one of the Blue Nose Tatty Teddy toys. I hope to get my little girl a fan following so she can sell her little art cards to earn money to buy the toys she really wants. In this case it is the Tatty Teddy's.

Here is Little Snowflake showing you how to draw Binky the Panda Bear the Butterfly Lullaby way:

What ideas do you  have re children earning their own money to buy their own toys? Leave a comment below!


I am fighting for a CRB check database website for parents and children so we can show off our children's talent in a safe environment away from the Gremlins. A place where struggling parents and children can sell old and new things with no fees. We could even sell original downloads for songs, stories and art and craft templates. The advertising would pay for this website and it is time our world gave back and supported true old fashioned family values where children are put first! Heck there is enough money spent on sports.


Imagine going to see your child perform in the Grand theatre and being able to share the video with friends, family and people who really care about children in a safe child friendly environment! When my little girl sang at the Grand Theatre and we were not allowed to video her singing in front of a huge audience I was really ashamed at how the Internet has got away with not being family or child friendly for far too long! Hopefully MP Claire Perry will force our Western world to change for our children's sake!

My little girl's voice singing Heal the world at school with her artwork:

I videoed her voice when she sang at the Grand Theatre because she is proud of what she has achieved. It takes guts to sing a solo on your own at a very young age! There are many wonderful Welsh people in Wales, but like everywhere you get some that are brainwashed to hate thanks to old history!

Here is a website with more ideas on how kids can earn money by cutting the grass and making things:

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