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Monday, 20 August 2012

Shark Weymouth

Shark Weymouth Dorset Echo August 2012. Olympic Sailing!

Guess who could have got bitten by a shark in Dorset seas? Yes little old me! We were staying in Weymouth with my partners Mum and Dad for the Sailing Olympics. My little girl wanted to go fossil hunting so they took us out to a lovely fishing village in Bridport (West Bay, Dorset.)  My little girl was looking for fossils and I wanted to go for a swim. There I was on the beach longing to go swimming in our British sea and worrying about Jaws and what would I do if a shark attacked me or my little girl? I joked with my Mother and Father in law about how I always swim in shallow waters and never go higher than my waist, just in case Jaws the shark decides to take a nibble!

First, I go down to the rocks and search for fossils with my little girl. When she pulls up the fishing net it catches on my leg and it starts to bleed a wee bit. There I am thinking I want to go for a swim but sharks can smell blood from a long way away. Then I tell myself to stop being so silly as British Sharks do not attack humans. Well that is what we have been told all our life!

My little girl and I decided to take a dip in the cold British Waters and my little girl decides to go back and get her crocks as the stones are quite hard to tread on. There I am up to my waist in the water when the life guard comes over to me and says "GET OUT OF THE WATER!" My immediate thought is "SHARK!" I asked him "Is there a SHARK in the water?" He replies "YES!" I think to myself calm down our British Sharks are harmless. I then ask him "Do they BITE?" As soon as he replied "YES" I was out of that water as quick as you could say SHARK ATTACK!

When I told Mum and Dad they did not really believe it as we are brought up thinking that our British Seas has harmless sharks. Mum asked the life guard is there a shark in the water? He replied I have just come on duty and it is probably a Dolphin. Lets face it if the Life Guards had shouted SHARK, everyone from the Beach would have disappeared! Bit like Jaws really!


In the 90's I caught a 3 ft shark in New Zealand, of course we put him back into the sea! Don't fancy ever swimming with Sharks!

Here is the Bridport news about the shark that was in the water the day I decided to go for a swim:


When I got back to Weymouth I decide to do some research on shark attacks in British Waters. Especially as my little girl really wanted to go for a swim in the Weymouth sea. I came across a story about a women that had saved a shark where we had just been swimming in Bridport. And also many other true stories about sharks in British Sea Waters.


The next day or so Dad shows me the Dorset Echo and the shark sighting story. Well you have to admit our life certainly is not dull!



I think you will find this website re shark attacks in British Waters very interesting. Thankfully the shark attacks in Weymouth are by sharks that are just defending themselves. No fatal attacks on swimmers as far as I am aware. And when my little girl and I went for a swim in the Weymouth sea the water was clear and warm. Ok we only went in as far as my little girls waist but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully one day we will move back to Weymouth so we can go swimming more often. I wonder if you can buy shark repellent?


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