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Monday, 20 August 2012

Weymouth gig 2012

Weymouth Gig in Paddy's shed August 2012. The following videos will make you laugh and make you cry! Singer Jakson Lee has lived in Weymouth nearly all his life. We moved to Wales over 10 years ago and want to go back home to England to be closer to family and old friends.

Jakson Lee singing I want to go home. If you would like to hear Jakson Lee gig in Weymouth leave a kind comment!

Paddy said he is always searching for his talent. Well I think Paddy's talent is making people laugh! Here are Weymouth singer Jakson Lee's Weymouth groupies Paddy and Pete. They certainly made me laugh!

When Jakson Lee was with the Weymouth Duo Phase 2, Paddy, Amanda and family were huge fans. Even Amanda's Mum used to love to see them sing. Paddy tried to help my partner to achieve his musical goals and helped him financially to get a mixing desk. Paddy would make a terrific music manager for my partner as he really believes in his talent and is a very funny guy! Here they are singing together at Paddy's BBQ.

Jakson Lee singing another well known song. I met him over 11 years ago in Weymouth when he sang with Phase 2. My sister said "You have to come down to the club Sharon and see these two guys sing, they are brilliant!" And yes I was amazed at his beautiful sweet voice. Not many singers can sing live like George Michael, but he certainly can!

I wonder where we will be this time next year. Hopefully in Weymouth as my little girl wants to join Daddy and gig on the Weymouth beach.

Here is our daughters voice singing Heal the World at school! Hopefully one day the Internet will give children like my little girl a real platform to perform in a safe family environment so they can really shine! She is an amazing little artist too, what do you think of her drawings?

Jakson Lee singing Nessun Dorma at the Enchanted Manor in the Isle of Wight, England. Fairy artist Josephine Wall loved his voice and so did the American Kirks Folly from QVC TV.

Jakson Lee sings the best wedding song ever, Butterfly Kisses:

Just one of Jakson Lee's original songs for my story Colour me a fairies wish which we worked on together. My story is read out by a famous man from children's TV. Guessed who it is yet?

Jakson Lee singing our Wishing Well song (Upwey Wishing Well Weymouth Dorset.) Part of the Butterfly Lullaby fairy story where the fairies travel through the wishing wells to get from one place to another.

Dance like a butterfly song by me and Jakson Lee:

Fingers and toes crossed the fairies can get us back to Weymouth, Dorset to laugh again with Paddy's family and friends. I will leave you with the Butterfly Lullaby book launch where Jakson Lee was meant to sing live!

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