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Monday, 20 August 2012

Weymouth Olympic Holiday

We have just spent three weeks in Weymouth with Grandma and Grandpa for the Weymouth Olympics. Only sad that we will miss the Weymouth Paralympics. I am not a sports person but feel proud that the Olympics and Paralympics have been held in Great Britain the Country where I was born.

Here is a little video footage I took when we were down in Weymouth for the Sailing Olympics. As a family we could not afford £50 a ticket to watch the sailing so just watched it on TV. But we felt part of the event by just walking up and down the beach and looking out to sea. I think this event has been a big wake up call for the rich to see that the less fortunate are not able to pay out big amounts to watch events due to high living costs and low salaries!

Free photo as Wenlock sailing in Weymouth. 

Prince William and Kate did come down to Weymouth to wish Sailing Team GB good luck. The Weymouth Carnival made me giggle!

I managed to catch Team GB on film at the Weymouth Carnival!

We love Weymouth. It is always busy through the summer months. And a great place for children. Here is my partner singing "I want to go home!" Funny enough I met him when I was on holiday with my family in Weymouth. He was one of the Holiday camp Singing duo's. Eleven years later our daughter is now singing in the school choir. Who knows if we can manage to make it back to Weymouth she can join WOW which is where her Daddy went to learn how to act and sing.

This is Little Snowflake our little girl singing Heal the World with her artwork.

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