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Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to school boo hoo

I have not told my little girl that she is back to school tomorrow because she will totally freak out and get upset. She is very much like me as a child, holidays were the best time of my childhood and she feels exactly the same. Playing and having fun free from hum drum routine and pressures of having to be like everyone else. She hates maths and created this rap song:

Don't get me wrong her school is totally amazing. And they have some wonderful teachers. But it is hard studying when you are little as all you want to do is play! And if you are more artistic then you find school work pretty dull!

Her headmaster is brilliant and teaches the choir, which she was asked to join this year. I still cannot get over how she stood up and sang solo on her own.

So there is Little Snowflake sleeping away upstairs, unaware that school starts tomorrow and it is back to hard work and routine instead of play, play and having fun all day. I remember that first day back to school after the long summer break, I hated it. Some children get bored in the holidays but I never did and neither does my little girl. I guess arty people never get bored.

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