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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Blog, blog, bloggedy blog song

Blog, blog, bloggedy blog song. Has anyone created a Blog song? Well this is the start of mine:


Problem is I cannot sing. But hey my daughter can and so can my partner. Hmm maybe this should be my Sunday project?

Found this blog song on You Tube. Ha ha it made me giggle! Only listened to a little bit, but thought he was worth a mention for entertainment value! The voice, well he needs to work on that a little like I do with mine, as I can't sing either. But good work anyway as you made me smile!

My little girl has a sweet little voice, shall I write some blog lyrics and get her to record it?

Or should I get my partner to record the blog song? Here he is jamming with his friend "Gotta get through this!"

And this is a song we wrote together called Valentine. He is brilliant at creating original music and melody's. Still cannot get over he is working in some stupid sales job that does not pay properly. And he is on TV next May promoting this damn job. If I had my way I would tell them exactly what I think of their poor wages! He should have sang on the door, instead of talking!

Share your Blogging songs and send me a link in the comments. Happy blogging everyone! 

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