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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Children first, sports should come last! How much money is put into sports. Seriously we are talking huge numbers. But when it comes to supporting our poor children where is the help? Low salaries and high costs of living. Mothers too scared to speak out about the lack of money coming into their house for the fear of social services taking their children away. Oh what a cruel world we live in!

Especially Struggling Mothers (absent fathers)

Free CRB check website is needed for struggling families that need to earn a living from home. Why CRB check? Put it this way if the Council refuse to let families video our children when they perform at the Grand Theatre then we must have a serious problem! A shop for Mothers to sell old and new things with no fees and be creative selling song, story and art and craft downloads. Ditching the plastic culture and turning to a more caring society where Mothers help one another to earn a living from home so they can support their children. Here is an example of a poor UK family. It is heart breaking especially when their are so many people in our world that have far too much money and need to learn to share a little!

Even though things are not that bad for us and thankfully times are getting better. We have suffered a lot of financial problems because of low salaries and high costs of living here in the UK. The banks are greedy and selfish and is it any wonder people get in debt when they fix their interest rates so high. And do not give a damn about our poor children!

Although we are in massive debt I have never given up. Last week we received our first Google check (cheque) for the adverts on my blog and You Tube videos. Believe me five years of hell on the Internet so this was like getting an award. I hope to be the Mother that can change things for our poor children so keep watching and keep dreaming!

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