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Friday, 7 September 2012

Do little girls like frogs?

Do little girls still like frogs? In the above video Little Snowflake is trying to catch a frog. Not because she wants to be a Princess and find a Prince, but because these little frog creatures are fun and make childhood exciting. Our garden is just one amazing magical nature adventure. So throw away your crown Little Princess, take off that war paint and be a real little girl and create some mud pies in the back garden. Use your imagination and adventure out of the box.

I am so glad my little girl, Little Snowflake is not like all the other little girls and refuses to follow the Western Culture of pretending she is older than she really is! Is their one little girl that does not wear make-up, nail varnish and high heels in the UK? Please do leave a comment if you like me believe a little girl needs to enjoy being a child as being a grown up and doing the dishes, getting your heart broken is very hum drum! Of course being a Mum is great if you have lived and can put your child first.

Here are Little Snowflakes adventures in our back garden with all our little frog friends.


And here is Little Snowflake saying exactly what she thinks of silly make-up on children and Mummy:

I find it so sad that I wasted my whole youth trying to be pretty. Looking for that Prince, when all along I just needed to be myself. But hey I have found happiness now and my little girl makes it all worthwhile. And at least I can teach her where Mummy went terribly wrong! How fake do I look here? No wonder I could not find Mr Right. But hey I am glad I didn't because I lived and became a Mum at the right time in my life. No way would I have coped with being a Mum in my 20's I was far too selfish! Motherhood at the right age helps you to grow and be a better person!

Now back to the Mind Map as Little Snowflake misses Grandma and Grandad so we must move!
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