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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Euro News Business - Women in Business

Euro News Business - Women in Business competition. Wish me luck I have just entered this competition. The dream is to get the IT support I need to get a struggling mothers family website up and running with a built in CRB check so our children can shine on the Internet safely. My little girl sang at the Grand Theatre and we were not allowed video footage of her. This is sad. If we had this website then Councils could upload our videos for us to pay to download and share with family and friends that live far away. The website needs a shop that helps Mothers earn from home with no fees. Or even just a selling fee. Imagine a big website shop where you can upload your original songs, stories and art and craft templates. Or even just sell old and new things without having to worry about paying all those fees. That's the dream! And if you believe anything is possible! A social network for mothers that really care and want to help others succeed.

There are many struggling families in the UK and overseas. Wages do not seem to keep up with the cost of living. The Internet makes it possible for Mothers, children and fathers to shine on the Internet. We all just need a helping hand. Thanks to my blog and videos I received my first check (cheque) from my adverts! Five year nightmare on the Internet and finally the light is shinning through the tunnel! Google allow me to shine and do not discriminate against me for being dyslexic, a women/mother or because I am English.

I am so addicted to my Google blog because I love to write and it allows us to shine as a family!

Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-J-Bainbridge www.butterflylullaby.co.uk, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story


Anonymous said...

I truly find this a interesting subject. Never looked at this subject in this manner. If you are planning to create more articles relating to this subject, I definitely will be back in the near future!

Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

Many thanks for leaving me a comment. And wow someone that actually likes my way of thinking. I was starting to really think I was some sort of flower alien that just did not belong on this strange planet which is not capable of putting our poor children first. Please get in contact I am on Google+ the Link is on this page under Sharon J. Bainbridge. I dream of a better future for our children without having to leave this beautiful planet earth. What do you dream? It is a lot to ask for women to dress and act for respect so our little girls have a better chance of meeting a decent and kind man when they are older. We are a laughing stock thanks to women on X-Factor that sell everything except for their voice.

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