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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fly to NZ house move

Have you ever been to NZ (New Zealand.) I used to fly regularly in my youth. One of the most amazing sites I have ever seen, apart from me catching a shark, was the NZ house being lifted up and moved down the road. That is what I call a house move. Here is someone's video footage of them moving their house to another plot. It is a beautiful Country full of lovely people.

We want to move back to Weymouth, wish we could do the same with our house and garden! Move it all down to Weymouth as the houses and gardens are a lot smaller for the money down their. I adore our garden and have planted many flowers that attract the butterflies so will miss it dearly. Also the old apple tree which I wrote a story about called Sunset Bunny the Easter fairy. Can you see our little fairy door and tree swing? The garden is huge. It is big enough to put a huge swimming pool in the second part of the garden. And has to be the best garden ever for children to grow up in. Only five minute walk to the schools too, perfect, especially for Mummy's that cannot afford to drive! So many garden are not private and you can see your neighbours here we have been totally spoilt. Will we ever find that again in Weymouth?

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