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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Get Little Snowflake back to Weymouth


Help me get Little Snowflake back to Weymouth, please! All I am asking is for any readers to forward my blogs and videos onto your friends and family if they are of any interest. I blog for my little girl as she loves art and singing (www.littlesnowflakeart.blogspot.) She is a wonderful role model for little girls of today because she has her own mind and does not follow others like a sheep, it's good to be different and speak your mind! But more importantly she does not wear make-up, nail varnish or heels. She is what every little girl should be and that is a child having fun and playing with her toys. I have brought her up to know that bullying is wrong and if someone needs help we must try to be their for them.

What makes a bully? 

When she talks to me about how she gets bullied and picked on for being smaller in height than all the other children her age and even those younger than her, it upsets her! And I ask myself why do her friends not stand up for her as she stands up for them? She then tells me how she finds schools so difficult, she hates maths and finds reading hard. Last night we hardly slept a wink knowing today was the first day back to school after the summer holidays and seeing her cry and get so worked up makes me want to work and blog harder than before to get us back to the place she was made. Weymouth by the sea! Yes I met her Dad in Weymouth when he was singing at the holiday park, and eventually moved down from London. Weymouth is the place Little Snowflake was born and the place she wants to call home.

Mind Map to Weymouth

So lets see how am I going to Mind Map our way back to Weymouth? First I need to get rid of all the old toys and clothes. Get the house sorted out so no one has to go through the hell we have been through. But boy are we going to miss our magical Butterfly Lullaby garden. It is something else. And reminds me of when I was a child growing up in Hastings. Private with all the big huge trees on one side and on the other a big tall fence which is kept in tip top condition by our lovely neighbour.  The big willow like apple tree with the wooden swing and fairy door adds that touch of mystery.

Meet some of our garden friends

We have many frogs in our garden because we always leave the old paddling pool out. Just take a look at this one floating on his apple boat!

Here are some of the other wildlife we get to see. We just adore butterflies! There are more butterflies flying into our garden these days because I do not use any slug pellets and have planted many butterfly plants.

Gorgeous little blue and yellow bird in our garden. I always switch to a London accent when I talk to my Step Dad. The little birds nest in the hedge and eat the blackberries. They hop down the dead branch in my big blue pot to drink the natural soiled water. It is just adorable to watch. Little Snowflake even picked up a little baby magpie in our garden last year. You should have seen her face light up.

Here is the second part of the garden which could have a swimming pool built in. If we were rich we would have got it done. But we do miss our family up here and just want to go home. If we move back to Weymouth I will be closer to my Mum and family in Hastings. And Little Snowflake would get to know her Nan who she hardly ever sees.

I could show you so many videos of wonderful creatures in our back garden and the adventures we have. The Squirrel and Little Snowflake feeding him with hazel nuts was a real highlight. Especially when he got the packet stuck to his head. Check out our journey on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ButterflyLullabyLtd

Last Term
Little Snowflake really enjoyed her old teachers class the older she gets the more stressed out she becomes as the school work gets harder, so having a chilled out teacher made life for her so much happier.

We spent 3 weeks this summer in Weymouth for the sailing Olympics. We only saw the sailing on TV of course, but it was nice to be part of the atmosphere and to see the Carnival after with team GB. This I managed to video.

We both have fond memories of walking along the beach to the town centre. Going for that wonderful evening swim when the sea was so warm and the sand so soft. Laughing and giggling and feeling proud that at last she is enjoying swimming in the sea when before she would rather go into the swimming pool. Not one ounce of fear, even when earlier that day Mummy had been told to get out of the Water in Bridport because of a shark sighting. This is the life she wants (not the shark but ..) the sea air, the water and the beach. To be happy you need surrounding that make you feel good. She said to me last night "Mummy if I have a bad day at school in Weymouth we can just go to the beach together and forget about it!" Bless her! We are pretty trapped here because I cannot afford to drive. The beaches are amazing but you need a car! At least school is walking distance. I was so lucky when I got this house as it we can make as much noise as we want and not bother the neighbours because it is detached. And there are shops down the road, walking distance even a big Tesco. And of course all the schools you could wish for within walking distance.

This morning I made Little Snowflake her usual boiled eggs

I made Little Snowflake her usual boiled eggs and walked her off to school. We saw her new friend and her Mum said "Where are you going" I replied "We are walking the fun way through the school field!" That little walk through the school field makes her feel a little better. Every child deserves happiness. And as my Mother and Sister suffer from an illness thanks to bullying from school and other things I feel it is important to make sure Little Snowflakes takes a different and happier road to a better life!

Little Snowflake remember you are a very talented little girl who can draw and sing. Just do your best through school and remember dreams can come true!

My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and I am on Google+. A Mother with a dream for a better and kinder world for all our children!

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sharon-J-Bainbridge www.butterflylullaby.co.uk, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

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