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Monday, 10 September 2012

Google Competition good luck

Here is a Google Competition for growing your on line business called Euro news business. And a big reminder for me to create this video next week to enter the competition. I think the deadline is 23rd September 2012. I am addicted to blogging for a better and happier life for my family and I. And to also try to create a way for other struggling Mothers to earn from home and allow children that cannot afford to go to stage school to shine. Today I feel like some sort of blog junky as I have been unable to blog because of stupid cleaning and cooking, boring stuff that is never appreciated. Slave springs to mind! If only I could earn enough to hire a cleaner and cook, but then that is quite selfish. I just see it as a complete waste of creative time when I could be making things with my little girl, blogging and creating videos.


Last week we received our first Google cheque for adverts on our You Tube videos and blogs. Tears of joy, knowing that at last we are finally on our way out of this big black hole called life. Google have opened the door to Paralympic people like me. They do not judge my dyslexia, or discriminate against me because I am a Mother/Women or my race (English alien Mother.) Thank you so much Google. I have decided to send little Jodie a cheque from this money and to tell her I have not given up on her. She has Cystic Fibrosis. Hopefully one day Sunset Bunny the Easter fairy will shine and raise the money needed for a cure. And our song Jodie fight to breathe will be played on the radio to raise even more money. We are the lucky ones as although we suffer from Asthma we know what makes us ill and will one day be able to do something about it which is thanks to you allowing us to shine on the Internet!

Well I made Little Snowflake some tutu's yesterday for her Sylvanian families, pink, blue and purple ones. Today she wants all the colours of the rainbow so I best get making. I wonder if anyone will buy these kits? Stuck this one on Ebay. One way to get rid of some of my old fabric and clear the house.

Hows life with you bloggers?

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