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Monday, 10 September 2012

Handmade tutu's Sylvanian families

Handmade tutu's for Sylvanian families toys. Problem is if I make these and sell them it will take my time away from blogging and creating videos. And you never get paid for the hours you put in to making things from scratch. So I just really want to sell my old fabric pattern kits. What do you think of the hair bobbles I made? Time goes by so quickly I need to use it wisely! The above blue tutu is the same material I used for Lagoona blue's costume:

Below is the lilac tutu. I need to create the leotard.

Here is my first Sylvanian tutu in pink. I need to upload a new photo as I have just finished the leotard which is hand painted in gold. I quite like gold and pink together. Of course my little girl is keeping the tutu's and wants me to make more. So selling the kits makes more sense. As long as the selling fees etc do not eat up all the profit. It is difficult selling arts and crafts. I met a lady in Weymouth that had a pedlars license. People have the cheek to tell her they can buy her items cheaper in the shops. Well that's because it is made by poor slaves in sweat shops. Think we need to wake up to this and give credit to people who create arts and crafts! We all deserve to earn a decent living.

This morning my other half comes down stairs and says he is going to work, earlier than usual. I said I do not have a crystal ball so please wait till I make your sandwiches. Then I make my daughters pack lunch. Make boiled eggs and soldiers for my little girl and I. Sit down to breakfast for five minutes and finish my blog. My oh my it is so hectic being a Mum! But boy do I adore my little girl. I think the Tutu's look like flowers!

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