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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Has Google given you a voice?


I want to know if Google has given you a voice, when no one was listening to you or even cared? If you have a true story please leave me a comment below at the end of this blog. My blog has opened up my world to the word called "HOPE!" Hope for a better and brighter future for my little girl. And a voice to tell my story when the newspapers and people in power quite simply did not want to know!

Google what would we do without you? Last week I received my first Google check (cheque) from my adverts on my blog and videos. You hear people moaning that it is not very much. But what they should be saying is how do I better it because it is all down to me! I jumped up and flew around the room when I got my first Google check (cheque) last week. It was like getting an amazing reward. Acceptance for who I am. Google have not stopped me blogging because I am dyslexic. They do not treat me differently because I am a women and take no notice of what nationality, culture or beliefs I have. I am allowed to be an open book and write what makes me happy or sad. They have supported all my artwork and stories with the search engines because I try to be original without changing myself. And now it is time to try and help my friend to a better future by helping her create her own Google blog and videos so she can earn from home too. This is just the start of a brighter tomorrow for Struggling Mothers like me! It does not take over night you have to work hard to achieve anything in life and boy have I worked on my blog! Even the keyboard has worn out from all the typing!

So when I am told to go and do a cleaning job because that is all that is out their for me to fit around my little girl, well boy do I want to prove them wrong! And believe me I have nothing against cleaning for a living I have done it. But cleaning is not going to get me a better life for my child. I know I can achieve greater things if people would just look at what I have achieved instead of making up their mind that I am a failure because of all the bullies that have stopped me from moving forward!

Here is my little girl singing the Google song. So please leave a comment and tell me do you have a story to tell. Are you made to feel different because you do not follow the Western Culture. Whatever it is don't be shy. But keep it clean as this is a family show!

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