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Sunday, 2 September 2012

How to get kids to eat brown bread

All kids (children) need a little brown bread in their diet. Problem is if they are brought up on white bread it is very hard to get them to eat brown bread. But I finally cracked it! My little girl has boiled eggs and soldiers near enough every morning, especially on school days. This holiday I decided to try her with some brown as she suffers from stomach ache now and again, which the brown bread seems to be helping.


Well every child is different but Little Snowflake loves the weight watchers malted brown bread because it is crispy when you toast it and it has a really nice taste. I give her one piece of white toast and two slices of weight watchers malted brown bread. The good thing about the weight watchers bread is that it is full of  fibre, probably more than any other brown bread which is great for all the children that suffer from belly ache because they cannot go to the bathroom. This bread certainly gets things moving in the right direction.

Due you remember that Nimble bread advert up, up and away. Up, up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon. Boy how I still love that song! Oh well looks like I got the song wrong, ha ha. But this is one of the adverts! Brilliant!


The experts are saying that white bread is not as bad as we think it is so it is good to mix it up. One white slice and one brown. Seeing as the weight watchers brown bread is so small I always give two slices to make up for the one. If you click on the link about the lunch box and scroll down to the bottom of the article you will be able to read about what they think of white and brown bread!


Let me know how you get on with introducing brown bread into your child's diet. Comment below! And good luck!

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