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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nail Varnish Little Girl

Nail varnish little girl? How many little girls in Britain alone wear nail varnish and make-up at a very young age? Please leave a comment below!

I am so proud of my little girl for following Mummy's advice on being different to every other little girl in her school. There may be some little girls that don't wear nail varnish or make-up, but the majority do. And sadly like Mummy she is now becoming the black sheep because she is different and speaks her mind. If only Mothers and Fathers would look at the state of the world and how many fatherless children their are. And exactly how many unwanted children in care. Instead of sweeping this problem under the carpet as most British people do, we need to talk about things and change them for our little girls sake! If our little girls do the same things Mummy did she is guaranteed to end up unhappy!

Why do I not want my little girl to wear nail varnish and make-up

Quite simply because I do not want her to go through the hell I have been through with some men and how badly they have treated me. The only way to get men to respect us is to act and dress correctly and to refuse to accept them for who they are, some are real bullies and just love to be control freaks. How many women say "oh that is just men for you?" No that is the way we allow them to be! And I am sorry but the Beer fear song proves just how bad things are with young girls going out, getting drunk and then who suffers? The poor wee baby that is brought into this world because Mummy was off her face and Daddy does not want the responsibility because he is just a kid himself! I know what I am talking about because I was that unwanted baby. If my Dad had his way back then, I would have been flushed down the toilet! Thank goodness I left Motherhood until I reached 35 years old. I was not an old Mum, but merely a responsible one! Of course their are exceptions, but my advise to any young girl is to have fun, travel and just enjoy spending time with
your friends until you are ready to find that special person to settle down with. Don't let them use you! And stop pretending you are in control because we all know that all you really want is to be loved! So go about it the right way! And stay away from Beer Fear!

Lets take a listen to a song about an absent father

How many people do you know that have not had a father figure?

I loved being a kid and never wore make-up or nail varnish - mud pies were my thing

I never wore make-up or nail varnish as a child and loved being a kid, which is something I want my little girl to really treasure as well. Being grown up is hard and heartbreaking. Your Cinderella dreams are shattered with the reality that sadly there are only a handful of men that will love and respect us. And sadly this is all our doing by the way we dress and behave. But more importantly the way women accept men for who they are and not for who they could be if we stood our ground.

Boyfriend tells his mother I am not pretty

Imagine being 16 years old and your boyfriend telling you that he told his mother about you and he mentioned that "You are not pretty!" He made me feel so ugly that I put more and more make-up on my face until I ended up looking like a Monster High doll. First I looked like Lagoona Blue.

Then I looked like Draculaura from Monster High.

Then it got worse, I just looked plain ugly. Two hours of make-up in the morning and two in the evening. Forever topping it up as I just could not look pretty enough. If only I had looked at the photos of me when I was 16 and 17 years old. But hey you have to make these mistakes to grow. Problem is I do not want my little girl to go through all the pain I went through, never feeling good enough or pretty enough. She needs to know she is naturally beautiful just the way she is. And then when she is older and decides to wear make-up I hope she will never go to the extreme of hiding that pretty little face of hers as I am sure she will have more luck finding someone decent, looking natural than painted up like some doll.

This is me at 19/20 years old. Still feeling ugly and un-pretty. Lots of make-up on. But a bit calmer. Wanting so much just to be loved for who I am, but knowing just how difficult that would be.

I feel very sorry for my little girl because she is not following the sheep by wearing make-up and nail varnish. She will be a black sheep. But at least when she grows up she will be confident in her own skin. She will know who she is and not have to pretend to be someone different. After all natural beauty is far more appealing than a face full of make-up. I bet most decent men would tell you that!

P.S. When I look back at the 80's. I dated a guy that wore make-up and he looked far better without it! So it makes you wonder what goes through men's minds? 

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