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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mothers Mind Map

Mothers Mind Map. Every Mother needs one. Why? Because life as a Mother for the most of us is very stressful and lacks support, understanding, compassion and loyalty. We live in a Western World that no longer cares about people and sadly that means our poor children are suffering. There are many Mothers Groups that are plastic and are just about making money for themselves, instead of actually helping others. Absent fathers! It is time for change! I look at church groups and ask the question "Why are they waiting for GOD!" I strongly believe "GOD is waiting for us to prove our love and show him we care about other people and not just ourselves by forcing change as a team of people that care!" We could do so much if we all did something good to help another person! The Church was never their for my friend as she watched her house burn down. I am not religious, but I know there is a God and one day I will tell my story when you are ready to listen!

I want you to take a good look at my Mothers Mind Map and tell me what you can bring to the table to make sure our children get the life they all deserve! Leave a comment in my blog, but better still contact me through Google+ Sharon J. Bainbridge: https://plus.google.com/104251289011091479681/posts


No pain no gain. This is very true. When I was single I was very selfish, Motherhood and all the bad things that have happened in my life have made me a more compassionate and caring person.

Take a good look around as a Mother and ask the question "Do you want your child to lead the same unhappy life that you have?" This is why I fight every day blogging and creating videos to make sure my daughter grows up in a better, kinder and safer world! Women and men need to change and put family values first and foremost! Good fathers need to stand up to those absent fathers and force them to change and respect children, mothers and their responsibility! Good women need to put a stop to other women degrading us and making us look cheap, tacky and just a sheer laughing stock. Just look at X-Factor and the way women sell everything except for their voice! Western Women need to dress and act for respect and then we will get family values back on track for our children's sake! I am not perfect, but I have learnt from my many mistakes in life and refuse to allow my daughter to follow in Mothers footsteps. She deserves a happy life as do all our children! Is this Beer Fear song really that funny? Do you want your little girl to go down this road? Or do you want her to grow up and be respected by men? I know what I want as a Mother who has been down that road and it is a better life for my child one that respects her as an equal human being with feelings!

How many poor children are like this little lad? And how many families have to go without food because they are not earning enough money to keep up with today's high cost of living? Change is possible if people really show they care. We need to talk about it and give them hope!

I look at church people and ask have they learnt anything from Jesus dying on the cross? There are billions of followers yet not one church is doing anything for all our children and struggling mothers? If I am wrong please correct me. To me it is all about having to be the only religion and not caring about the suffering of ALL GOD'S CHILDREN! You say you believe in God prove it and forward my blog to everyone you know and make sure our Struggling Mothers and children get the support we so deserve. This is a video of my little girl crying and asking "Why will no one help her!" People can help but they refuse to care or listen!

Hope is the Internet if we can get the proper security and support to move forward we can WIN!
Here is my little girl thanking Google for our first check (cheque) for adverts on our blogs and videos!

Wish us luck with the Euro News Business competition. If I win, we all win. Because I am a mother that is capable of sharing. I do not need to waste money on trying to look young and pretty. I cut my own hair. I do not drive or use a mobile phone to cut down on costs. I hardly ever buy myself anything new. I do not smoke and hardly ever drink! All money goes on my little girl and when she smiles I smile! Butterfly Lullaby is the only way forward, a mothers business that knows true pain and never wants another family or child to suffer again! CRB check website, fight for it verbally and support our flight for our children's future!

I must buy my friend some flowers as she has been an angel giving me her daughters clothes so my little girl does not go without! Julia thank you! You are a very dear friend and one day I hope to spoil you rotten! Thanks also to Michelle and Judith for being their for me in bad times and spoiling my little girl and I. And Sarah I hope I will one day be able to help you earn from home honey as you so deserve happiness! Thank you so much for being their when I truly needed a friends shoulder to cry on!

Sharon J. Bainbridge a Mother on a mission to WIN! Paralympic blogger! https://plus.google.com/104251289011091479681
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