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Friday, 7 September 2012

Problem with women today

The problem with women today, a man's view on things. This is my response to this man's blog about women. And at the end I will ask you to check out his website and see all the pictures he has added and ask yourself do you want your little girl to grow up acting and dressing like some complete wreck? He is calling these girls names you would not want your little girl to be called. So Mothers wake up and stop sticking nail varnish and make-up on your little girls and allow them to be natural as they are beautiful just the way they are. If they are to grow up feeling confident they must be happy in their own skin and act and dress for respect. Otherwise they are going to end up down Wine Street with a reputation as bad as this man's blog! And another poor child will be brought into the world going down the same awful path with an absent father!

I am so proud of my little girl for telling her friends that she does not want to be like them. She refuses to follow them like some sort sheep because everyone else is acting older and putting on silly make-up and nail varnish + wearing heels. My little girl is her own person and says no to make-up, nail varnish and heels! Hopefully she will have a chance of meeting the right person when she is older as she is confident in her own natural beauty.

That's right little girls throw those silly heals away, otherwise you will end up being treated as badly as you dress!

Now I want you to read this man's thoughts on today's women. Women's rights gone horribly wrong! Western Women today are making fools out of all of us and it needs to stop! Is it any wonder men do not take us seriously!


Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+ A mother that knows where I went through and how I want to make sure my little girl never ever follows in my footsteps!

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