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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Home school children stop anxiety

Home school children stop anxiety. Problem is most families are being paid such awful low salaries home schooling is out of the question. We are no different, but as a Mother I owe my child to be the best Mother I can be, the one my poor ill mother could not be and the Mother my Nan never had. The thing is are we not taxed to send our children to school? How much does it cost to send a child to school and how much do we pay as the tax payer? The Council/Government put too much pressure on schools to perform and be the best school, instead of looking at the bigger picture of the damages it can cause to children's health long term. Every child is different, some soak things up like a sponge because they are blessed with good memories whilst others have poor memories and a little bit of dyslexia thrown in which slows them down. My child needs to learn at a slower pace and have one to one tuition! I can give her the curriculum that will get her a job in what she is good at, English (help from teacher friends) art/animation/story telling/singing and of course we will have to do some maths and geography! She will also have a huge portfolio of all her art here on You Tube/Google. If that does not impress the boss what will? Is history important, not when it comes to getting a job! And as for the bible well Adam eat that apple not Eve and that is why we have Adam's apple! Some man wrote the story to keep women in line, along with the fact they are allowed many wives, nothing has changed there then! Seriously RE needs to be banned as it causes so many wars and shows children just how badly grown ups act, always fighting to be the right religion instead of a worldly team of people acting for all our children and putting them first instead of their selfish selves. I believe in God but there is no way I would ever join any plastic church! Praying all the time does not change the world, people do!


When I talk to many people with mental illness I see a pattern. One is that they have had their childhood stolen from them by some selfish man and the other is that they were bullied and made to feel stupid in school. Here is my sisters poem, which we made into a song called Mother. It is about how she has mirrored my Mothers illness. Now I believe if those bad things did not happen and they both had happy, stress free lives they would not be ill today! They have met too many bullying men in their life that have dragged them so far down they cannot get up to breathe. Of course some people are stronger than others, and thankfully I take after my Nan who had the heart of a lion with so much kindness thrown in. If anyone deserved a mental breakdown she did, but she never gave up on life or us! Thankfully my Step Father is one man that I can truly respect as he is still their for us all, another very strong character! And you need to be to live with my Mother believe me. I love her dearly but her illness is very difficult to live with so he deserves an award!

The problem our world has is that they label everything. It is 100% normal to get upset when life is bullying you and treating you unkindly. You don't need to pop some silly happy pill to feel better, but instead solve the problem by stopping whatever is making you unhappy! Yes some people are ill and life has made them that way like my Sister and Mother. But some can be saved! And I intend on saving my little girl and never, ever letting her walk down that dark path alone, but being there for her every step of the way. My mission is to be the best Mother I can be so she can look back with a smile and say Mummy you always put me first!


I refuse to let school or life make my little girl ill like my Mother or Sister. When their is a problem you have to solve it! And most importantly listen to your children because they have a right to be happy! You get great teachers that let your child shine and give them the confidence to sing out to a huge audience. And then you get teachers that are stressed out because of the pressures put on them by the Councils/Government. Anything is possible in our world, we just have to work together as team to do the best for our children! With some Google luck the Government and Councils will do all they can to help Struggling Mothers/Families and more importantly children to get the best out of life by making it easier for mothers to earn from home using the Internet and do what is right for their child.


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