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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Amanda Todd School let her down

Amanda Todd is a prime example of school letting her down. Bullies are never dealt with! School and the Internet killed this poor girl along with our trashy Western Culture forcing her to grow up and act older than she really was. Our Western Education System failed her very badly! If she was Home Schooled she could be alive today! Sadly Mothers are not given the proper support to earn from the Internet, so they can be with their kids, and bad websites get away with what ever they want because it is all man run!

Why is it people allow bullies to treat someone like Amanda so very badly? Problem is some parents, especially Mothers are the reason bullies are created because they say such awful things about children like that child was whacked with an ugly stick, those children smell, that child is fat and my biggest bug bearer is that child is stupid/thick! Dyslexia effects the memory so those people with a sponge like memory should be grateful and stop being so damn smug and bitchy! I am so glad my little girl is away from all that rubbish now that she asked me to Home School. And I just hated the way little girls her age were wearing make-up and nail varnish acting older than they really are. Some even have Facebook accounts, where their Mothers have lied about their age and made them older. If little girls are chasing boys around the playground do they not think this is a little bit risky as we all know full well that Facebook is not safe for children and that is why the Police went to the school to tell children to stay clear! And forcing girls to grow up increases the risk of teenage pregnancy!

Read the article on how Sarah Paynes Facebook account was attacked by bad people:

I am proud to be different from most Western Mothers because I do not force my little girl to grow up and I do not teach her things she does not need to know, because she is a child and not a grown up. She is allowed to be a little girl. And I as a Mother always put her best interests first. If Amanda Todd was home schooled I feel she would be alive today! Bullying killed this poor little girl!

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