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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bullying reason to Home School

Bullying, reason to home school. Has your child been bullied badly at school by children or teachers? I want to hear your stories. Please leave a comment below! No good parent is going to sit back and do nothing if their child is crying and getting upset because they cannot cope with school life and why the heck should they put up with it. I never experienced bullying at school and quite honestly when I saw bullying taking place I spoke out and stopped it, like a good human being should. Sadly children are not taught right from wrong and do nothing when kids are bullied at school. I have taught my daughter differently and proud of the person she has become! Only one little girl at school stood up for her when she was bullied so it is possible to put a stop to it. And my daughter herself has put a stop to bullies. You shout back and watch the bullies crumble!

When I asked a teacher if he could support my little girl because she was suffering from anxiety due to the pressures on her to learn at the same pace as all the other children and how she was made fun of for getting things wrong, he replied "I am stressed out!" Fact is there are many teachers feeling pressured because of Council/Government checks. Thankfully I got her moved her anxiety went. She had a couple of lovely teachers but then again she got another teacher who picked on her and said too slow when she asked her questions. That is not education that is bullying! Government and Councils need to let the teachers get on with their job and allow children to learn at their own pace.

My little girl gets very upset and cries when she feels she is being pressured to learn. She likes to take things slowly. Grown ups need to listen to children and stop bullying them to be like all the others as they are all completely different! And deserve a childhood!

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