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Monday, 12 November 2012

Learn 3ds Max animation programme

Learn 3ds Max animation programme. My partner started the Train 2 Game course, which is a games animation course. He wants me to take it over, so my daughter and I had our first 3ds Max animation programme tutorial together. There is something magical about learning an animation programme like this together as a Mother and Daughter team. He signed up to http://www.3dmotive.com/ which is costing £5 a month. But the tutorials are pretty amazing and he said you can cancel anytime. 

I think this is the same guy re the 3ds Max lessons. He is very good at teaching! Check out his website if you want to learn 3ds from scratch. The Train 2 Game course is costing £5,000 I believe in total, which is paid in monthly instalments. 

This Sunday both my little girl and I really enjoyed learning the 3ds Max Animation Programme together. It would be amazing if this course could be incorporated into her Home School Tuition as this would get her a well paid job. It is common sense she will need her basic lessons as well, especially English and Maths! We will get her English and reading up to scratch first as she has been copying for a long time because she did not want to be kept in after class in her break time. It is important children are given a voice to speak out so they do not suffer from anxiety because of pressures in life.

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