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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Magic Milk pictures Home School Science

Magic Milk pictures, Home School - created by Little Snowflake. We were in search of a science project and came across this one on You Tube. Some of the pictures you can create using Milk, Food Colouring and Washing Up Liquid is just amazing. Fabulous project, we enjoyed it so much we did it twice. And yes for the bitchy Mothers that do not understand that their are over 60,000 UK kids Home Schooled because of bullying etc, she is learning maths! Anxiety in children is a serious problem and it is time Britain punished bullies instead of letting them get away with whatever they want. The thing with bullies is that they are all talk in groups but get them on their own and they crumble. So if you are Home Schooling your child because they have suffered from any type of bullying, don't take any notice of nasty mothers as their lives are so empty and boring they have nothing better to do! Britain has to have the worst bullies in the world! What a shame no one takes it seriously as I believe good people deserve a justice system! Anyway enjoy the pictures my little girl created and hope you have just as much fun as we did!

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