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Monday, 19 November 2012

Make Spongebob characters using sponges

Make Spongebob characters using sponges for washing up. Little Snowflake asked me "Mummy have you got any sponges?" I replied only the washing up sponge, she said "That will do!" See the Little Spongebob character the big Spongebob is holding, well she made that out of one of those green scouring pads. She cut off the green bit on the back and used craft foam to add the features. I will upload the video on how to make the big Spongebob this week. I was amazed at how she just cut out the shapes without even measuring them and put the whole thing together by herself. She just loves creating art and craft videos for children!

Here is a short video of the Little Spongebob character she made from a scouring pad!

Take a look at Squidward from Spongebob, Isn't he great. All you got to do is cut, cut, cut!

I wished some people put all their negative energy into something positive like Little Snowflake and I, instead of being mean and nasty say "Wow what a talented little girl who deserves sponsorship and support to do what she loves best!" I will upload the how to make the big Spongebob character out of yellow washing up sponges and foam later this week! These were made over the weekend and not in Home School!

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