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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Racist bullying in UK schools

Racist bullying in UK schools. Wow I am shocked at how backwards we are when it comes to accepting different cultures here in the UK! My Nan died feeling ugly because of the colour of her skin, so I am so glad I am white, at least that is one thing British people cannot pick on me for. I feel for anyone that goes through bullying, but we have to fight back and not let them win! I have come across snooty Mothers that bully because I am dyslexic and try and make me feel worthless. I have more talent in one little finger than they do in their whole being. So lets see just how well my little girl does with Home School compared to their kids. And who gets the best job. I do not agree with competition but sometimes you just feel like putting these ignorant people in their place. Home school is a way forward to a better and happier life for children who are fed up with being bullied by children and made fun of. And cannot take the pressures of school being forced to learn. My partner keeps asking do you want me to talk you through the 3D Max Animation course. Yes today I am going to say lets do it and then I can incorporate that into Home School and who knows one day my little girl may work for Disney, as he was also dyslexic, not thick! She is a bright little cookie as she knows how to open up Photoshop, Crazy Talk and animate her drawings with her voice. And before the witches start, yes she has learnt how to tell the time since Home Schooling and can add up things she could not before. So get lost and concentrate on your own sorry life as you have some serious issues with your own children that need sorting out! At least I solve problems with my little girl by taking her anxiety seriously and stopping the bullying which causes it!

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