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Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Voice for children

The Voice for children is to hit the UK next year. I wrote to Tom Jones agent this year and asked if they would consider creating a children's version of the Voice. Wherever he got the email or not who knows. But I think it is great for children as there are so many talented children who want to shine but can't because their families are on such low salaries they cannot afford to send them to stage school etc. My little girl loves to sing and draw. This is her voice singing Heal the World. She tells me she wants to enter talent competitions like her Dad used to do. In Weymouth this summer she wanted to busk and sang in front of passers by on the seafront.

I love the Voice talent show because it does not have that horrible bully factor that most do. It is all about the voice and not about what you look like, which is such an important thing to teach children. A child is not born a bully but merely made into one by what he/her hears. I am so proud of my little girl as she has stood up to bullying and protected friends, just a shame they have not done the same for her, apart from one lovely little girl and her bravery is something we will never forget! If my little girl decides she wants to enter the Voice talent show she will be the only one dressing her age and not wearing make-up! It is her choice at the end of the day and so important children are given choices as grown ups can be very selfish at times.

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