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Friday, 21 December 2012

Best family Christmas present is ...

Best family Christmas present is love and understanding. Not being forced to partake in buying presents for everyone when you are financially struggling. There is nothing worse than being made to feel you have to buy presents for people because it is expected of you.


I want to send a big thank you to my Family for not expecting me to buy presents each year because of tradition. Presents used to seem so important to me when I was younger. Life has taught me that people are the ones that matter and that there is a serious need for us all to try and change our materialistic world into a kinder one.

If you know anyone in your family that is financially struggling, tell them presents are not important and that it is ok to just buy for their own children and leave the worrying for another day.

I enjoy Christmas more these days with no presents for myself around the tree, because it has taught me the true value of Christmas and that is real love and compassion. And to be thankful for what we already have in each other.

P.S. Thank you Mum, Dad, Louise and Nan for the money you sent, this will help me pay for my little girls presents as she deserves to smile on Christmas morning. To all the struggling Mothers in the world, remember you are not alone and teamwork is the only way to move ahead so get in contact through Google+. Our little girls deserve a better future!

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