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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Builder Bear PJS OOAK handmade

Builder Bear PJS OOAK Handmade by Sharon J. Bainbridge 

When your little girl is feeling sad because life has a way of trying to knock you down. Some friends can let you down, but you can always depend on Builder Bear and Mummy to brighten your day. My cousin and Jodie her daughter brought my little girl this gorgeous bunny builder bear last Christmas. She adores it! So I decided to make her some Builder Bear PJ's from the left over material from my daughters all in one cow PJ's. I had to buy age 13, which were far too big for her and adjusted them to fit. The remaining material came in handy as now they have matching material PJ's.

Builder Bear Costumes I made for her last Christmas

My favourite Builder Bear PJ's I made are these ones:

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