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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Google Homeschool Learn and Earn

Google Homeschool is in my opinion the only hope children and struggling single mothers have of a better and brighter future. I have received two cheques from Google for my blog and videos so I know it works. My daughter has recently created her own blog, which she wants to earn money from using Google adverts on her videos and blogs, monitored by Mummy of course. She also wants to sell her original children's stories and songs. Imagine a child friendly video chart, which is just about the voice and song and a shop which actually allows you to earn money instead of ripping you off when you sell old and new items. I believe in Google as they have been the only positive thing on the Internet for me!

Out of work teachers could really benefit from this website by creating tutorial videos and get paid from adverts.

Some children find school stressful because there are teachers that are under great pressure to pass school checks by Councils and Governments. Sadly this is transferred to children that struggle in school and things need to change. Bullying in schools needs to be taken seriously as it can affect a child's mental health very badly. My daughter was picked on for being small in height compared to children her age. Her asthma cough was made fun of so much so that she went off to cry in the toilets, and these children were meant to be her friends! But worst of all she has been made to feel worthless and stupid by two teachers because they were under pressure. This is what maths did to my little girl in school. Here is her original maths rap and how it made her feel. The teacher made her say her times tables out loud in class, knowing full well she could not do it, the children all made fun of her. One day she will tell her story and grown ups will listen!

This is Homeschool maths! No bullying and making fun of her!

I have just sent Google a letter so I really hope that they will give my Homeschool Learn and Earn ideas a go. Google can make our world better, I truly believe that because with them freedom of speech exists, and they know how to share by giving Mothers like me an opportunity to earn from home so I can one day earn enough to be with my child. Because guess what? My daughter wants Mummy at home!

My daughter is amazing when it comes to creating art and craft videos. I can see a bright career for her and other children, because every child deserves a chance to shine! Why should children that have parents that struggle on a low income be punished by not showing what they do best?

Children that are good at Maths could share their videos, history, science etc. My daughter got her very first art order when her Dad's brother saw her video. How cute!

Why not give children a chance to sell their songs and ebooks. It is a great way to teach them how to manage money and save up for the things they really want in life without going into the red.

I have been bullied to the extreme for Homeschooling my little girl. Some mothers have been mean and evil, not giving a second thought to my little girl and what she wants. When I worked in the school canteen she would ask me "Mummy I wish you could teach me!" I know I am not a teacher but tell me what is worse a child that suffers from bad anxiety because of bullying or a child that learns what she needs to know to get a job. I know if we can build a team of Homeschoolers that work together we can help build a better future for our children. Here are some characters she drew to help me learn Welsh. I turned this idea into a competition, sadly the people in power so far have not been very forthcoming when it comes to helping Mothers earn from home so they can be with their children.

Since homeschooling my daughters reading has improved immensely. She used to hate to read out loud in class, and who can blame her! Not something any child should be forced to do.

I do not blame schools because I have talked to many teachers who now hate teaching because of the school checks and how it forces them to try and get all children to learn at the same level.
One teacher told me "I'm stressed out," that was when I approached him about taking the pressure off my child. But I want to thank the teachers that understood my daughter and allowed her to shine. Her headmaster was amazing and I was so proud when he asked her to join the choir. This is my daughter singing for the first time in school because her then teacher understood what she was good at and promoted it:

I was scared of homeschooling because I did not feel qualified. But at the end of the day we as parents homeschool all the time. Noticed how much homework they get and who is there to help them? "Us parents, that's who!"

Well Happy New Year everyone and lets share our experiences and try and make our children's future better and brighter than our own! Give children a voice to speak out with the Homeschool child council. And remember there are many dyslexic people in the world that have been successful. I left school with not one qualifications because I was off a lot with asthma and suffered dyslexia, but that did not stop me getting a good job. I taught myself to type and made it all the way to Managing Directors PA for an architectural firm in London. And I have had three mortgages through sheer hard work! One teacher told me that I am the most intelligent women she knows because I see things for what they are and how we can change it! Google can make it happen, you just have to believe!

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