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Friday, 21 December 2012

Make Christmas Thank You Postcards

Make Christmas Thank You Postcards for less! High quality blank postcards for only 30p each when you buy direct through me. Less in bulk!

My daughter is an amazing little artist. All these images are based on her original drawings, which you can see in pencil. I recreated all the images as Postcard designs and made embellishments out of friendly plastic, she of couse instructed me on which colours to use!

Christmas Snow Girl

This is a great Christmas craft for Children as it teaches them to be thankful for everything they get, it is always polite to write and say thank you to family and friends! I drew her image on plain white paper and used her watercolour pencils to colour them in. Outlined the image with a black pen, cut it out and stuck it to the postcard using a glue stick. You can of course take a good quality image and reproduce the drawings by getting them printed on 4x6 inch photo paper and sticking them to the postcard. Gives them a lovely professional finish. Not all Photo printing services print the exact size so beware!

Christmas Penguin

Christmas Swan Postcard

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