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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Spongebob turns purple

Spongebob turns purple. Look what Mummy (Mom) got for Christmas from her darling daughter. Yes it is a handmade OOAK Purple Spongebob and "NO" I am not sharing it with her father. After all I am her biggest fan and just love all her drawings and art and craft stuff. I proudly stuck Spongebob onto the lounge wall, just glanced over and it had fallen down between the radiator. Well I guess that is sponges for you. Take a look at her video on how to make Spongebob out of a washing up sponge or two. How she just cuts the shapes out with no template is beyond me!

Spongebob video 1 of 5

                                                        Spongebob video 2 of 5

Spongebob video 3 of 5

Spongebob video 4 of 5

Spongebob video 5 of 5

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