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Monday, 17 December 2012

Your pictures can sing child blog

Your pictures can sing child blog. Little Snowflake, now known as Snowdrop begged me to start a blog for her and I love the name "Your pictures can sing!" The Internet is the only free platform for children to shine when parents cannot afford stage school. Also it is a great way to earn pocket money to buy toys through Google adverts. What a business head my daughter has on her shoulders. Of course everything is monitored through Mummy and she does not have access to Email, Facebook, Twitter or You Tube etc.

Snowdrop's "Your Pictures can sing song"

She said she is not happy with the song so will be redoing the song Your Pictures can sing!

Here is Snowdrops latest version of her song "Your pictures can sing!" She also talks about her very own blog, which is monitored by Mummy. My daughter is so excited about earning her own money to buy more toys and hopefully one day do competitions if she can get Googles support to set up a Homeschool network to earn and learn! Her dream is to create an album like Daddy and sell it as a download and also sell Ebooks for arts and crafts. Not to mention her stories too! Imagine another way of learning and a career with the Internet away from bullying!

After watching this video her Uncle ordered a drawing from her based on the Tatty Teddy images she had drawn here on this video!

My daughter wants to write on her blog everyday as part of her school project. Seeing as she will be learning to spell as she types I think it is a great idea. She will of course still be using different websites for learning games like the www.bbc.co.uk/schools and www.primaryresourses.co.uk. Yesterday she did really well with her subtraction, especially as Maths is one subject she is not keen on.



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