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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Black Sylvanian Families sing

Black Sylvanian Families sing. The above recording is of my daughter singing. The black Sylvanian Families character is one I created using black food colouring. Warning the food colouring still comes off, ha ha. But hey they look like Cindy Woo our pet bunny rabbit. Here is our Cindy Woo bunny rabbit taking a shower! My daughter has a blog called Yourpictuerscansing.blogspot.co.uk monitored by Mummy of course. She hopes to sell her original songs and E books with Googles support.

I have got a blog on here somewhere showing you the before and after photos of how I created a black Sylvanian Families character. Here is a little baby black Sylvanian families character I created. Basically I just died a white one black with food colouring and added silver grey patches around the eyes. Costumes also made by me!

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