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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sylvanian families birthday present

Sylvanian families birthday present for my daughter. I hope she likes it? This weekend I created an OOAK art set for her Sylvanian families characters. My daughters drawings are so sweet I thought it would be lovely for her to have her own art & music gallery, Sylvanian Style. I made the fish art frame, art stand, fish chair (stool,) and paint pallet table out of plastic with little paint brushes. The Sylvanian Families wedding music room makes an ideal place to put them in. And now she can have fun with pretend singing competitions for The Voice, X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent. Should really be renamed Pets Got Talent for the Sylvanians.

Do you think she will like the art set I made for her birthday? I am a little nervous that she may not like the handmade art set because she tells me I am better at drawing than making things and has nearly all my paintings in her room. I shrunk down some of my paintings to go into her little Sylvanian Families art music gallery if she wanted to put them on the wall. But I prefer her fairy drawings, they are awesome. Hopefully she will like that aspect of the gift, the fact that I shrunk her favourite fairy drawings to Sylvanian Families size for the gallery. When it comes to painting I do not see myself as an artist. Personally I have seen much better artists and that is why I used photographs in my Butterfly Lullaby book instead of paintings. Here is some of my art:

My daughter has far more talent when it comes to drawing and painting than me! I adore her art. There is something magical about children's art, one day I hope to have a kids gallery. A girl can dream, ha ha. Just look at her vegetable and fruit pirates, just amazing!

Here is our fun Sylvanian Families competition. Can your child sing or draw? Get in contact! I am on Google+ Sharon J. Bainbridge

Join our Sylvanian families fan site! Share stories, your favourite Sylvanian toys, songs and pictures. We adore arty people! And visit my daughters blog www.yourpicturescansing.blogspot.co.uk Sylvanian Families fan site share stories, art and songs

Before I go I wanted to share this picture with you. This wonderful lady creates OOAK Sylvanian Families stuff. She is on Ebay and her seller ID is "Fistuff" Fistuff on Ebay Sylvanian Families OOAK

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