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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sylvanian Families TV pictures template

Sylvanian Families TV pictures missing, oh no! What can you do? Don't panic help is at hand. I purchased a second hand Sylvanian Families house for my daughter for Christmas. It was a bargain and came with lots of furniture. The TV sadly had no pictures. My clever daughter created a template and started to draw her own images. I asked her "Would you like me to create some TV pictures and print them off?" Of course her reply was "Yeah, yes please Mummy!"


I used Photoshop to create this template. You can click on the image and save it to your computer, upload it in Photoshop (if you have the programme) and take pictures of your characters and shrink them down to fit the square boxes. Print off, cut them out and then you have a fun selection of different TV images for your child to play with. To make them long lasting, just laminate! My daughter has singing, wedding, gardening and sports images to name just a few. You can just imagine the fun she has. 

Here is a little Sylvanian Families singing competition if you would wish to join in watch the You Tube video.

As part of my daughters homeschooling she is writing a blog called www.yourpicturescansing.blogspot.co.uk - Learn and Earn with Google adverts. Great way for children to earn pocket money for those Sylvanian toys they love so much. Google+ Contact

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