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Friday, 1 February 2013

Homeschool decimals

Comparing and ordering decimals. Comparing decimals to tenths. I cannot recommend this website enough. It is extremely good at explaining things and making learning fun for children. This morning my daughter has produced a wonderful piece of work about this subject. Considering maths was her worst subject in real school, I feel very proud that she is no longer scared of maths and is enjoying learning new things.



Lets just remind everyone how one stressed out teacher made her feel. "HE SAID HE WAS STRESSED OUT" when I approached him about children making fun of her in class and how she should not be pressured to say her times tables out loud in front of the whole class! Listen to the song she made up then. You need to listen to the lyrics: I've got my crazy in my bones. I've got my thinking to explode. I'm going to explode with my head inside. I've got to do maths, I've got to do maths, I've got to do maths, maths, maths. I've got to write to fast. I'm walking down like a robot. Down the hall. My head is going to explode. Not me. Thankfully she is not singing these sort of songs anymore now she is homeschooled!

She sings happy Maths songs now she is away from bullies:

I really enjoyed this homeschool video. And people that believe that any sort of bullying is acceptable need to see the damage it does to children and grown ups.  People suffering from mental health problems is a massive problem here in the UK and it is time to tackle the real problem and stop the bullying! How many children are suffering because they are made to feel they have no choice as people do not listen to them? Take bullying seriously and get in contact.

Well back to it. The craft shop asked us to go back and show them the doll my daughter wanted to make using their fabrics and ideas. I forgot I can't do that because homeschool children do not go out right? Wrong! She spent time with her cousin out of the house last night. And she sees friends during the week. For some odd reason people seem to promote bullying instead of protecting the victims! And even today women bully other women for speaking out! On a positive note my daughters reading has improved immensely and so has her spelling. I am very proud of her. Who knows if I can find the right school when we hopefully get back to England she will return as long as they do not pressure her into anxiety attacks and stop the bullies. It is her decision! And I have a file full of evidence which proves she has dyslexia so I don't need to pay £200 to some educated person that just rips us parents off instead of helping our children! For example she wrote doll on one sheet and then below boll. She often gets her words mixed up and because I am dyslexic myself I understand and that is why I support her decision not to be bullied or made fun of. Dyslexia is a gift. Look at Disney and just look at the pattern she created for this doll. Pure genius!

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