Friday, 29 March 2013

Homeschool English (Punctuation)

Homeschool English (Punctuation.) I found this You Tube video this week, and I have to say "It is totally brilliant!" My daughter is bored with it all, but she enjoys writing, and I just cannot wait to see her put this information into practice with her story "The Lost Diary." The Library were impressed with her use of speech marks a few weeks ago, so imagine what she will be able to achieve now!

Did you know that two dashes can  be used instead of brackets? Amazing what you can find out, "Thanks to You Tube and the Internet."  

Share your Homeschool ideas and stories. We really want to stamp out bullying in state run schools, so the more people teaming up and fighting verbally for the same thing, "The better the chance of winning!"

I will most definitely be studying this Punctuation video after the Easter Holidays, and asking for some support from my teacher friend!

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