Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lalaloopsy Easter Doll

Lalalooopsy Easter doll - where can I get this doll for it's normal retail price? My daughter really wants this dolly for Easter, and looking around I have the awful feeling they have all sold out. Please contact me through Google+ Sharon J. Bainbridge or You Tube etc if you know where to get one. She will be so disappointed! I hate the way people buy these toys in bulk then rip parents off by selling them for huge amounts of money like on Ebay. Seriously £70 for a bit of plastic.

Well it looks like I am going to have to use my imagination now I cannot get hold of the Lalaloopsy Easter Doll. Maybe I can buy another doll and dress her up like an Easter Bunny with a mask, similar to the ones I made for Monster High.

I wonder if I should create a Lalaloopsy Easter Story based on my Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy story?

I have sort of  left my photography days behind, but here are some ideas for Easter.                 

This baby Easter Picture is so cute. Wales is the wrong place for this sort of thing.

Well look forward to an update. Otherwise I feel I may have to have a go at making a Lalaloopsy Easter Rag Doll (Cloth Doll.) Here is one my daughter designed and I  made this year!

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