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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Funny children

Funny children make us cry with laughter when they sing and dance. Children are so
accident prone at times. Just take a look at our daughter banging her head on the chair when she is singing.

Please share this website link  http://www.childrenscreamingtobeheard.com/  with everyone you know and get in contact with Maggie Tuttle to secure and protect all children's future. It is time the tax payer started to  stand up to the bullying powers that be and protected all children around the world, they are our future, don't break them!
My daughter will be recording her original song she made up based on how much she loves her family to help raise awareness for all children in care and to give them a voice to speak out against state bullies!
Children must be allowed to speak out and chose who they want to live with. Educated grown ups allow magazines in shops that are not child or family friendly. They allow the media to destroy all family values. Family programmes such as Britain's Got Talent allow women to degrade and shame us. How are they allowed to do this in front of children, and why do they let them? Now schools are teaching 5 year old children about things that destroy their childhood and put them in   danger. And our Country sit's back and lets it happen!

Just take a look at this video and ask yourself is this what you want for your daughters future?
I know I don't and that is why I speak out! My Nan taught me good values.

Is Women's Aid a charity? What are they doing to change the media
to protect family life?

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